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From Age to Age: Stories of Haidakhan Babaji Paperback

From Age to Age: Stories of Haidakhan Babaji Paperback
by Giridhari Lal Mishra 
From Age to Age is the first translation, into any language, of a memoir that has been passed from hand to hand for generations. Written in Hindi by an attorney of northern India, initially published half a century ago, From Age to Age is Mishra's record-meticulous, matter-of-fact, brief, and erudite-of the ravishing presence of the figure first introduced to the West in the now-classic Autobiography of a Yogi. There, he was Mahavatar Babaji, the Yogi-Christ of modern India; here, we follow the author on journeys in and out of the village of Haidakhan as he tracks his appearances, disappearances, and reappearances throughout much of India. At the heart of the book: forty stories that call on a legend, the memories of local residents ,and Mishra's personal history with his teacher, the famous Mahendra Baba, to render, with jewel-like clarity, the life of an extraordinary avatar.
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