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Jharra Balancing Technique Course

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Quote from Babaji:
20 JANUARY 1984
"All of you must learn spiritual healing - jhara-phunka - and make spiritual healing centers. By that means, many people in the world will get peace and happiness."
Basic Description: 
Jharra is a healing technique in which the practitioner repeats a mantra while sweeping peacock feathers over a person’s body, thereby clearing out dis-harmony and allowing the natural harmony and balance to be restored.  With each sweep of the feathers, a powerful mantra is repeated by the practitioner.  The client remains quiet in a receptive frame of mind. 
Becoming a Jharra Practitioner
The Training Course Includes:
  • Training Manual and audio instruction
  • Individual Initiation by phone or skype to receive the mantra and the specific instructions for you
  • Follow-up after energizing your mantras
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Inclusion in our Jharra Practitioner Directory (if you wish)
What I will need from you after purchasing the training:
  • Name, Address, Phone number
  • Date, Time, and Place of birth
  • How you would like to use the Jhara Healing Technique
Things YOU need to acquire in order to be a Jharra Practitioner:
  • Bundle of peacock feathers (18 or more; 27" long or more); available online at Amazon or Ebay or other places
  • Rudraks Mala (108 beads)
  • Crystal or Rose Quartz Mala (108 beads)
  • Willingness to dedicate the time and energy to the process
Once you have purchased this training the course material will follow.

For a deeper understanding just what Jharra Healing is and how dynamic a healing tool it can be, please consider purchasing the Jharra Healing From Babaji eBook – that should give enough details to know if this is for you.  
Should you have questions or need any clarification please email me directly at  
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